‚ÄčThere has been a huge explosion in the craft beer market as of late. We have come a long way since the days of everybody settling for bud light. Yes, the definition of craft beer typically is applied to breweries that are much smaller than the general large corporate breweries and are independently owned. These brewers typically set themselves apart by the quality of ingredients they use, and their flavor and brewing techniques. And with craft beer growing, we have been blessed with breweries experimenting with flavors and ingredients and taking us on a journey we have never been. Still there is an untapped area of craft beer that we still are discovering and we would like to help out. I always use to hate going to work on a Monday and hearing about an awesome craft beer event I missed. I wanted to make sure we not only quenched that thirst for amazing events, but go above and beyond that. When we travel around, we find those great spots that have fifty beers on tap, or some new beer that is just epic. As the Craft Beer market gets larger and more competitive, we're given the chance to take a journey we have never before been on. With our love of Craft Beer, you can be assured we'll take you right along with us. We'll review anything from exceptional beer, to hot spots, and even brewing recipes for those of you that like to dabble in homebrew. So take a minute to review our website and your palate will thank you!