Hello! My name is Amanda, and my friends and I are here to show you a world of fun, friends and exceptional brew. Although I'm no veteran, the world of craft beer is full of taste, class and well, anomalous beer, and I adore the constant taste and variety. What could be better?! If you're an avid connoisseur like myself, you will absolutely love this website, and if you're not, let me guide you along this unarduous journey, as I promise you, there's really nothing to lose. You see, we're all about the beer, and not the every day Joe-Shmoe humdrum kind of beer. I'm talking about a brew that will have your mind reeling and your palate imploring for more. We seek out and review anything and everything we can get our obsessive little hands on, and in this enormous industry, we're always enamored. We even brew a little of our own. Join us on this astounding journey, as I promise, you certainly won't be disappointed. I'm always looking for new friends, great places and exceptional beer! And please, craft on my friends!