Review #2


​​So I was very excited when I came across this beer that had been hiding away for the past couple years. My brother has been relentless on letting me know that this is one of the most underrated and best breweries out there. He has become a huge fan of their beer, and this beer really brought me to their team as well.

I know barleywine styles can sit and age well, but I thought I would reach out and find out how well it would sit. I was able to get in touch with their Brewmaster Rob and he said it sits well and if I drank it over the holidays the beer should pick up quite a few sherry and dried fruit notes but might be headed downhill. So I got it out, chilled it, and popped the bottle! I was getting that intense sensation wondering "Will I like it or will it have sat too long?" I poured it into the glass, and man does it pour thick with a deep haze to it. The smell is rich with an oak, caramel, and brown malt richness that is really enticing. I went in for the kill and took my first big sip. At first, while it was cold, you don't taste any of the booziness that is sometimes apparent in a barleywine. You definitely get that sherry flavor along with some of the caramel notes as it hits your palate. It worried me at first just how drinkable it was when it is cold, I couldn't taste the 10% abv until it snuck up on me quickly and then I definitely felt it. Don't judge me on one beer hitting me so fast, I hadn't eaten dinner yet. As the beer warms up to room temperature you start to get more of that sherry and oak flavor. The alcohol percentage starts to be more pungent the warmer it gets, to my liking there isn't much hop flavor and more malt. This beer was kind of perfect for me. I am not much of a hophead anymore, yet I do enjoy a good hoppy beer. But this beer really had some great characteristics, and I love a beer that changes with the temperature of it and shows its complexity. If you come across this beer then take hold of it and pop that sucker. This beer has brought me as a huge fan of Grand Teton, and I can't wait to taste what else they have.


Grand Teton Brewing Co.
Coming Home 2012

Barleywine 10% ABV

With fall fast upon us the days are getting shorter and the sleeves are getting longer. The backyard BBQ takes a backseat to rustic comfort foods, fireplaces and family gatherings. I looked to this American style barley wine to complement the season.
In the glass there is a light head and dark Amber brown color. The nose is subdued floral and citrus with a hint of barley. There is an abundance of different flavor a ranging from bread, malt, burnt toffee and a gentle sweetness offsetting the dry finish.
After the initial taste the nose transitions to fig and graham crackers  and beautiful textures on then palate carrying flavored of raisins, apple and caramel through the initial barley and hibiscus and dry rye like finish. The beer continues its evolution as the temp drops with nutmeg and clove coming into play reminding me of Thanksgiving.If you plan on "coming home" this holiday season, trying bringing this unique offering to the table.