​This website was created by a group of real craft beer enthusiasts that want to help people find great craft beer locations no matter where they are.  They know how to work it, that the craft beer industry is so great and friendly that they just give  you the location and let the breweries do the rest. If you are a brewer, they actually give you the option to have your own login to be able to customize what you want to reach out to new customers in the way you want. I know that sometimes I will visit somewhere, or even in my own area, and want to really find a cool craft beer spot. It's about exploring craft beer, if we aren't doing that then what the hell are we doing?

Chicago Beer Experience

​Yes another tour on the menu of cool stuff to do. But again, this is a fun tour and I always enjoy a tour that will show you multiple local breweries, have great beers, and a cool tour guide that will chop it up with some Game of Thrones talk. They actually have two different tours that go through different parts of Chicago and one even takes you to a spot with old school video games. One spot in the other tour takes you to a spot that has actually been on some other shows and is worth the trip because they pair beer with bacon. This is another tour that is made top notch by the tour guides that they have running the program. Every time I have had a great tour it always has a tour guide that gives you great knowledge of the city, beer, and knows how to keep it really fun.

Denver Microbrew Tour

​If you are looking for a great time while you are in Denver and want to try out some great beers then you really have to do the Denver Microbrew Tour.  You end up going to four spots, at least when I went to it, and you try a great assortment of beers at each stop. The tour guide gives you information everything from the history of downtown (Lodos) to the history and process of the beer you are enjoying. They will break down each beer you try and we actually have a great end to our tour when the last brewery gave us a couple of pitchers on the house. All in all it is a great experience and a great time. The only negative thing I have heard about this tour is that a small handful complained that the tour went over the time it suggests. I am sorry but don't make plans for right after the tour and if you are going to complain about getting some great beers and want to rush it then this is not for you. Just go into it wanting to enjoy the experience and not enjoying your watch. Great job Denver Microbrew Tour, it is a great time and a great partnership you guys have with the local breweries.

Chicago Beer Geeks

​So for my Chi-town bretheren this is the app for you Chicago craft beer lovers. They also have a great website that will give you some great insight on the craft beer industry but also some great events to go see. The app will let you know about the event, where, when, and the cost of it. It will give you a breakdown of what to expect at the event and if you love craft beer and live in Chicago or are just visiting then this app is a must download.


So I know this app is really only season, well not even seasonal but really good for only a week out of the year, but this is the app to have for the event. It really gives you the tools you need to taste and find whatever it is you are looking for at the festival. You can pre-prep where your favorite brewery is going to be, give you a list of events happening inside the festival, rate the beers you tried, and the day of it is even lists the exact beers that each brewery will be pouring. If you want to see if Russian River is pouring Pliny it will tell you. Although, it will not tell you when Sam Adams will be pouring their famous ​Utopias.


​Untappd is a great app that you can use for a variety of different reasons. It gives you a social network of enthusiasts like yourself that share their experiences, palettes, and help you discover what's on tap around you. You can list what you and others are drinking, rate it, and review it. It can really help out if you are looking for a beer and what some more feedback on it rather than what the label says.  Download this app right away if you are really wanting to share your own palette and want to find out other beers out there to spike your interest.

​Cool Apps and Stuff