Have you ever ran into the situation where you are capping your beers and your cap snaps? I have and I researched a while after that for that event to never take place again and to find something reliable that will not falter you. Yes, some people say that it will stick to the top a bit, but just put some pressure on it and you get the hang of it and it easily makes your bottling night go quick and easy. And if you ever feel like experimenting a little more and corking some bottles you have that capability. I have tried two others but my search has stopped here and it makes it really easy to cork all different sizes and styles of beers.


​We are getting it and will test it out, more info to come later for you guys!

Grog Tag

If you have ever done homebrew, and had to settle for cheap labels to see which beer is which, then look no further. This website gives you the ability to print out generic labels, customized labels, and you can even upload your own images to make the label you want. They have labels in all styles, whether, you want it a rounded or rectangular label ect. They have more of an assortment of customizable products to make your home bar and homebrew specialized and unique for when people come over. Your friends will wonder if you have your own brewery set up in mind. Even if you want something to plan a party or wedding, check them out and customize everything to be exactly what you want!

Marks Keg Washer

I know that one thing that is always frustrating when brewing is the irritating tasks of cleaning and sanitizing.  This makes it easy to sanitize but I know for me that the cleaning is the worst. This washer really takes the grit and grime out of the process. You just fill it and let the machine do the work. Sometimes you still need to use the wire brush just near the neck but other than that all that hops and residue just comes right off. This is the way to go if you want to be able to just clean all of those carboys and not let it get to the point that you would rather throw it out than clean it.

Cool Brewing

If you have ever had issues trying to keep the temperature at a certain level but had troubles, then this is the perfect product to help you. This keeps you beer out of the sunlight while it ferments, you can keep the temperature at what level you need just by putting frozen 2 liter bottles of water in there, and if you have a nasty blow off it will be contained in the bag. Trust me, anyone that has ever had issues with any of these will wonder why they never had it before.

Ruffled Homebrewing

One website I have found that is pretty interesting and has a favorite recipe of mine is Ruffled Homebrewing. I was a huge fan of Pete's Strawberry Blonde and was devastated when they were bought out and they stopped production of that beer. Fortunately, Ruffled has a spot on recipe for it, along with many other interesting recipes. The website isn't as simple as others like northern brewer, but the difference in not the normal recipes is great. Oh, and they have a Sierra Nevada clone recipe too.

Xtreme Brewing

Another great site to go to for recipes and ingredients is definitely going to be Xtreme Brewing. If you are a huge fan of Dogfish Head Brewery, you will love this company and the recipe kits they have. This is another group that has exceptional customer service. If you are unsure of something or an ingredient, simply reach out to them and they will get back to you ASAP.

Northern Brewer

Northern Brewer is really the go to when it comes to homebrewing. There isn't really a bias here, but when it comes to their starter kit (the deluxe brewing starter kit) it really has everything you need. Along with their starter kit, their ingredients and customer service is amazing. They give you a video that walks you through step by step in the brewing process and makes it simple. You should always take your time to read through the reviews and learn some good info for any hardware or ingredients you are shopping for there.

Be honest, we have all thought about brewing our own beer at some point. Sometimes you want to brew the beer that you can't buy from another state, is only a seasonal beer, or you just simply want to create your own beer to your own taste. Then when you look into doing your own homebrew you get so intimidated as to all the supplies, ingredients, the how to, and just the overall one stop shop for everything. We have been doing homebrew for a while now and, hopefully, can cut down on some of the beginners errors and the right places to do your shopping. When it comes to homebrew you just need to have patience, time, and be a good cleaner. There are plenty of great books out there to read, one book that I think really will pay dividends for you is Dave Miller's Homebrewing Guide. But back to homebrewing, you have only a few days of work during the whole process. You start with you actual brewing day where you will cook and add your ingredients. Depending on what kit you have, you will then need to transfer from primary to secondary fermentor. Finally, then you have the bottling day which will conclude your journey and all that you have to do is wait for it to carbonate and enjoy the fruits of your labor.