Who is Josh? Well he is special, but he knows and loves his beer. Born and raised in Sacramento, I am nuts about my Belgium beers and so many other craft beers. For most of my early years beer was just a vehicle to myself, taking me to drunk town. While having been in the food industry developing my palette in that sense, beer was neglected.

Then Rob Archie, a friend of the family opened Pangea Two Brews, and I decided to finally become a bit more refined and see what I can learn about liquid bread. Rob is a big fan of Belgian beers, even opening a lambic bar in the back room, years and years before sours were on most people’s radars.  Rob’s enthusiasm for the Belgian’s infected me and his dirty dirty affair with Allagash Curieux began. That is his jam, to put it simply. After that I explored barrel aged stouts, attended local tasting parties put on by owners of local bars, and attends beer club at Low Brau on Mondays. In October 2014 I made a trip to Europe, visiting Amsterdam, London, and of course Belgium. Since In Bruges is one of my favorite movies, I started my trip in Bruges, which is in the northern Flemish area of Belgium, and home to Halve Maan Brewery. Well that was also my last stop in Belgium, turning a two day stop to 6, drinking in every pub and tavern possible, trying to put a dent in the 1500 beers they had there. On day two, I learned Straff Hendrik is building a 6km long beer pipeline from the brewery in the center of the medieval city to the bottling plant outside. I will be back with a shovel and tap in hand when it is completed.

You can find me walking the grid with my trusty pup Sansa, hosting pub quiz at a local bar or two, or just trying new beers at my favorite spots in Midtown. My favorite breweries right now are Allagash, Silly, North Coast, Uinta, Green Flash, and New Helvetia.