What can I say other than I have a love for craft beer and the experimentation of new beers. That is  probably why my two favorite breweries are Dogfish and Short's Brewing. Both do exactly what I love and  push the envelope of what we call beer. It really is about the ingredients and the care that they put into their beer. I have a broad range of styles I do prefer to drink which is why I always round out my top five  with Lost Abbey, Sam Adams, and Stone. I know that Sam Adams really is on the verge of not being a  micro-brewery, but they have always pushed the envelope especially with their Utopias. I'm always open  to new styles of beer, I do love me something barrel aged, but good beer is good beer no matter what kind of style it  is. Craft beer has so many unfound treasures that we want to reveal. There are always those times that you find a great local pub with great beers on tap and want to tell the world. There are always those beers you look at and want to know what the average person thinks of that beer. And sometimes you wonder how to make your own  beer and where to get what you need. I am simply a person that wants to help those that have a similar  passion and find whatever it is you may need.