Hello, my name is Marco Manzo. I first fell in love with beer about seven years ago when I stepped outside my little box and started dabbling with Craft Beer. I’d have to say the point at which I quit drinking piss and crossed the Anheuser-Busch pond, was the first time Arrogant Bastard hit my palate. It was like trying ice cream for the first time. You know you’re going to like it, but you have no idea the depth of love you’ll soon have. The unapologetic and aggressive hoppy taste changed me forever. I felt deprived and vowed to sample them all.  I now have a passion for Craft Beer and am truly an avid connoisseur. Brewing is a hobby of mine and I’d say my favorite beer to brew is an IPA. I love meeting people in the Craft Beer community and am always excited to travel around, explore breweries and sample these exceptionally made beers. So if you’re like me, and can’t live outside the world of Craft Brew, drop in, say hi and give me your thoughts and suggestions. Also, se habla español.