Strawberry Blonde

From Ruffled Wine & Brewing Supplies

This is a clone of a recipe some of you may or may not remember. Pete's Strawberry Blonde was, under Pete's Brewing Company, was discontinued some by Gambrinus Company whom bought them out in 1998. They discontinued the line in 2011 due to a decline in demand and sales for the product. I was devastated by this, and even though it may seem like a girls beer, it was not a girls beer. I would be at get togethers and people would see me walk in with a six pack or two and they would give me hell about it. Funny thing about it, though, was that when I would go to get a beer most of them would be gone. It packed a modest, but good, 5.3% ABV and had a nice smooth flavor. This clone does a really good job using the same malts, extract, and hops. The company that sells it, I will admit, is not of the norm. I did have a hard time ordering it at first because the website wouldn't recognize my California address. But, I called up and the guy answered his cell phone and pushed through my order manually for me. Now, to the brewing aspect of the recipe and the overall finished product. The beer is a pretty easy brew and is an extremely easy and perfect beer for anyone to brew. They use strawberry extract, and not real strawberry puree, but even the actual product just says it has "natural strawberry flavoring." I did twelve days in the primary, two weeks in the secondary, and of course two in the bottling. This beer, for me, was okay at first but the more you let it sit the smoother the flavor became. I do prefer a beer that is ready right away, but everyone has loved this once it sits. Try it out and see how you like it, any beginner can brew it.

I give this recipe kit a 4.3 out of 5!