Stone Brewing Co.
Stone Ripper
American Pale Ale 5.7% ABV

Stone is on the board with their Stone Ripper, an American Pale Ale that is in their words “A Rippin’ Swell Of Juicy Hops!” So seeing this, and that is comes from Stone, I thought I would definitely have to check it out. I must admit, I was raised on the style of Pale Ale but have had some boredom with it as of late. Whether it is an APA, IPA, double, triple, or quadruple they have all been a little lackluster when it comes to creativity. But leave it to Stone to put their San Diego West Coast interpretation to give yourself a satisfying and refreshing beer that reinvigorates your thoughts on a pale ale. It really has a nice gold color when you pour it into the glass with a nice amount of head retention.  As nice as the color is on it, the smell…oh the smell, has the freshest and zestiest smell of hops as if you are about to homebrew yourself. It is a refreshing breath of fresh air from the overpowering hop flavor you tend to find, and this beer drinks relatively smooth with a high hop presence without the huge bitterness or taste of tree sap. I have been a huge fan of galaxy hops, they add a nice blend of citrus and passion fruit notes, and while citra hops have become a huge hit I feel like galaxy adds an extra element of freshness. You should be able to taste the citrus on your palate, as well as the hint of grapefruit and passion fruit that pungently gives you a blast of flavor to quench your palate. Another great release from Stone Brewing Co. and it is on the shelf at the perfect time to bring in Spring and Summer!