Lost Cost Brewery

Watermelon Wheat

Fruit Beer 5% ABV

​So I am always a fan of summer beers, and not just ones that are refreshing, but give me some watermelon in my face flavor. I love watermelon and bbq during my summer life, so I enjoy a beer that can incorporate a real smooth watermelon flavor that is crisp and refreshing.  When I saw this on the shelf, I just had to grab it and try it out. Obviously, I had it on a nice hot day so that I could maximize its thirst quenching flavors. It pours with a bright gold color and has a decent amount of head retention. There is a real pungent smell of watermelon and brine on the nose of the beer. One problem I usually have with watermelon wheat beers is they have too much wheat flavor, thankfully this one holds back on the wheat and brings forward more of the watermelon taste. The watermelon flavor is more potent than others have, and it leads to a little bit of a sweetness that floods the mouth with watermelon sweetness. It is not a heavy beer, and really holds true to being as watermelon of a beer that you can have. It is summer and this is a good beer to have during the hot summer weather days. So grab it off the shelf guys, and soak up the sun with some good Watermelon Wheat!