Grand Teton Brewing Co.
Tail Waggin' Double White Ale

Witbier 7.2% ABV

Bottle aging is something normally associated with wine, but a well crafted beer can ale on similar changes. Grand Teton Brewing Co. out of Idaho has thrown their hat into this arena with their cellar reserve series and peaking my intrigue and set me in to motion.

I pop the bottle cap and bring out the crystal Riedel beer stemware. The white ale cascades down the glass with its gold straw color and light hazy head. Right off the bat the nose hits while still pouring giving off enormous and complex amounts of citrus peel, coriander, clove, tropical fruit and pronounced apricot aroma.

First sip is a revelation! As you can tell with the bottle aging the fruit esters have died down and allowed the nuanced subtleties to come out as flavors of tangerine, clove and white pepper linger for quite a while.

Mouthfeel is delicate as the carbonation has dissipated with a finish of bread, candied sugar and traces of banana.

As the temperature drops the nose becomes sweeter and the flavors evolve. Best way to describe it is lemon infused butter smeared on banana bread. With the name Tail Waggin', it has mine going awaiting more in their cellar reserve series.